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In any given time zone, it gets dark a little earlier on the eastern side than on the western side, why?

Please answer this question quickly, this h.w. question is due tmorrow

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Because the sun “rises” in the east, and “sets” in the west

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i think of i know what you’re attempting to declare. once you’re speaking approximately properly suited after the solar contraptions curiously to get darkish previously the place the solar rose than the place it set. if so the sole factor inflicting it particularly is the ambience you’re finding via. the ambience gathers that easy and spreads it over longer distances than what the solar seems to you. for this reason while the solar contraptions it remains easy longer than on the jap facet of the sky. If there became no ecosystem and you by some ability have been in a position to stay then you definitely would not see the blue sky. you might even see each thing as you may at night while that is clean in basic terms with extra clean concept and the sole factor distinctive could be the solar bombarding you with all of it’s rays. while the solar contraptions it particularly is going to be in basic terms like it became until eventually now in basic terms devoid of the solar. So thank the ambience for being right here

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the sun rises in the East and sets in the West so there is still sun over the western side of anyplace a little later than there is on the eastern side.

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Because the earth moves steadily around the sun, not in 1 hour increments.

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sandi s
thats the way the sun moves