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Can you figure out this trivia question?

A hymn contains 700 hymn, a bulletin board at the front of the church has four grooved rows on which the number of the hymns to be sung are placed, what is the smallest number of plates, each carrying one figure, which must be kept in stock so that the numbers of any 4 hymns may be displayed in the four rows? you may assume that the church never sings the same hymn twice on the same sunday.

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Scott N

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Billius was on the right track, but missed a couple things.

Numbers 1-6: 9 each (54). There is no combination of 4 non-repeating hymnal numbers that would require 10. This part was correct.

Number 7: 8 plates. Remember, there only 700 hymns, so there would be no hymn 777. The most you could get is eight, such as 677, 577, 477, 377.

Numbers 8 & 9: 8 each (16). Since there are no hymns above 700, you’ll need no 8 or 9 in the hundreds place. 688, 588, 488, 388, eg.

Number 0: 8 plates. There’s no need for a 0 in the hundreds place, so you only need 8. 100, 200, 300, 400 eg.

Total plates needed: 9*6 + 8*4 = 86 plates.


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i assume you mean a hymn book has 700 hymns

assuming they sing a hymn with all three numbers the same, the rest being near that number eg





then the highest count of the same digit is 9 on the same day. you have 10 digits, 0 – 9

10 * 9 = 90

therefore, keep 90 plates, 9 of each digit


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