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What have been your experiences with teaching English over seas?

I’m looking to go over seas this Sept. to teach English as a second language. Ideally i would like to go to Dubai, so if anyone has taught in the Middle East and could give me some feed back it would be very beneficial.

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I live overseas but not across that atlantic ocean part of the world. I live right next door, in Puerto Rico. There is a lack of ESL teachers needed here. You dont need a passport, Spanish is not necessary here(although some helps for lack of) and Its the carribbean jewel of the Americas. you can find info. by going on this web site:





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i don’t recognize approximately Costa Rica, my adventure is China yet having a TESOL or TESL direction provides you plenty mandatory self assurance on your ability once you face a type. be advantageous to take one that has rather college room coaching education.