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What does it take to be a high school chemistry teacher in california?

I’m in my senior year of college, a year away from graduating with my BS in Chemistry. I was originally going to go into research… but it bores me. I know i have to take the CSET, but thats about all i know… can someone help me out and give me some details???


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Molly McTrouble

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You also have to pass the CBEST (basic reading, writing, and math).

Enroll in a credential program, either at a state university, private college, or college for adults (Chapman, National, JFK, etc.). It really doesn’t matter to the district that hires you.

You might even be able to get a paying job while you are taking your coursework (36 units) through one of these institutions. Be aware of accelerated programs like Project Pipeline, which offer little support.

The biggest cautionary advice I have is not to mistake knowing chemistry with being able to teach chemistry to high school students. If you can at all afford a program that offers a student teaching opportunity, or can afford not to have a full-time salary during that semester, then spend the time in a situation where it is understood that you are still learning. You will be able to make a novice’s mistakes in a supportive atmosphere.


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Salaries variety in accordance to region and seniority. There are few openings for top college chemistry instructors. you’re able to have an much less complicated time finding a job and could make lots greater money as a chemical engineer, besides the actuality which you will no longer have summers off paintings.

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YOu need to go to the Education site and see the class requirements. You generally have to take Special Education and a few other classes. You might be required to student teach for 10 weeks. You have to pass the National Test to get your credential in the grade levels and specialty field.

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Here is a link to the California commission on teacher credentialing web site. It gives you all of your options.

good luck!