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what do you mean by “nothing can replace parents”?

i want to explain this to my teacher so i want to make sure that the explanation is done in such a way that it could be explained to my teacher.this is one of the themes of a story in english.

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I feel that it means that your parents care a lot about you, and no matter what you try to do, they will never leave you alone. in other words give up on what you are trying to do, and just accept the fact that they love you and will never let you forget that!!

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Parents start teaching their children as soon as they are born. they teach them the things that are right, wrong, and things that must be done in order to live a good life. There is a bond between parents and their children, and even if the parents are bad, the kids will always want to have a relationship with their parents.

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It means that nothing is as good as a parent. No matter what your parents can’t ever be replaced by any material goods, other person or anything.

You can try to use a comforting blanket to comfort you when you’re scared but it will not work as well as a mum or dad.


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byron s
If the question was given you by your teacher…

It may mean… only your parents can really teach what you really must learn in life….

You learn by “living” life… not just experiencing it as an observer or as a student….

You are fortunate to have your parents and they are “sharing” their life with you….

Take their good and keep them…

Look at their shortcomings and learn from them…

That’s their “gift” to you….