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What are possible summer jobs a teacher can take during summer vacation?

How much do teachers get paid to work for the summer as a summer school teacher compared to their normal pay?

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As far as the summer school pay, this will vary considerably from district to district. I teach full-time all year, and when summer school comes along, I get the equivalent of my regular hourly pay because I am a regular employee. A teacher hired just for the summer makes about $35 an hour, which is less than what I make because I am a veteran teacher and at the top of the salary scale.

As far as summer time jobs, that will depend on an individual’s interests and strengths. I have worked as a recreation leader for our local park and rec and also as an activity coordinator for a nonprofit agency. Some of my fellow teachers have worked as personal care assistants for the elderly, salespeople at Macy’s, front desk at a luxury resort, airport shuttle bus driver, and translator (from Spanish into English.)


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Robin B
Summer school pays weekly about what a teacher makes monthly in some areas. Good work if you can get it. You might have noticed there’s NEVER a need for summer school teachers, the same teachers that were doing it 35 years ago, still ARE!

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As a teacher, I’ve had several different summer jobs….This year I’m babysitting a six year old during the week from 7 am to 4 pm. Not so bad….

Lifeguarding at the local pool is also a pretty decent job….Bartending….Running a summer camp……Working at museums,galleries, etc.

Of course if you’re looking to improve your wardrobe for the upcoming school year, I would definitely recommend a clothing store (Kohls, Macy’s, etc.).


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That questions depends on the school district, the state the district is in and the school budget. which could change when the budget comes up for a vote.

Their are businesses that specialize in individual teaching, that hire teachers, Day- cares hire teachers for the summer to cover for teachers vacations. Go to your local employment office to find out what jobs are needed in your area.


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I used to be a phlebotomist and made 13-14 an hour but the work was really stressful.

Next year I am designing a biochemistry curriculum to be implemented in high school chemistry programs for a 5 summer research gig.

This year I’m hoping to learn how to tune pianos.

You’ve gotta keep it interested and related to teaching. I also suggest that you try to work as many high school jobs as you can while young.

I’ve worked BK, pizza delivery, construction, mall, dishwasher, gives you great stories for downtime.


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While if you have some exsperence in it, landscaping is a good summer job. alot of people want automated sprinklers for there lawn and want professnal help. If your really desprate your could lease a van and start an ice cream truck bussiness. but my high school teachers get paid over summer the same ammont as during teh school year.

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clint m
I’m not sure about pay, but my brother is a high school math teacher and works a summer job at a museum. He loves it..

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if you want to stay within the teaching field, you can tutor or work at a tutoring center or summer academy program….teaching summer school through a district usually pays pretty well..i know in our district, it’s around $30-35 per hour, but depending on where you at on the pay scale, it might be less or more than what your normal pay is…

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Lottie W
Crash-test dummy

Swimming instructor/life guard


Drive-away driver(delivering vehicles cross-country)

student/doctoral candidate

Medical guinea pig

Secret shopper


Sell Real Estate full time



craft teacher at nursing home

Bus driver for casino.

Card dealer ”

Tour guide/ museum docent

Pizza del/taxi driver


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Teachers get paid? WOW, you must live somewhere besides the United States.