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Sports Problem at My University!?!??!?

My college does not have any Soccer teams. I have played soccer all of my life and want to continue playing through college, but they do not offer it here. I have sent the athletic director many emails and he will not answer me. All he said was “Who is this?” Do you know any way I could start a team at my College??? Any suggestions??

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Contact the school newspaper and ask the sports editor to do a story. Explain what you are trying to do, and why. Find other like-minded individuals who will commit to organize, maintain and participate in a soccer league.

All you will likely get is an intramural league, but those are more fun anyway because you can compete with co-ed teams, spend less money on uniforms/equipment and play at more convenient times. Of course, you lose the glamour of a college team, but who watches soccer anyway (and I’m a former soccer player).

Plus, look into the community. Do they have an adult league? That could be fun, you’d meet folk outside of campus and could get some road games in.