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Good words to use in essays!! 10 points to the person who offers the most!?

Hey does anybody know any smart sounding useful words. Any nice word that you like to use and its definition and whether its an adjective or a noun etc.

Person who lists the most useful words and definitions gets 10 points

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significant/significance means important

momentous means great or far-reaching consequence

consequence means outcome or direct result

contemporary/contemporaneous means current or present times

perception means way of seeing

perspective means point of view

outcome means result

derivative/derivation means not original, or secondary

particular means specific


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as in transition words or what?

what is your topic?

thesaurus’ are usually good, especially to keep from repeating words. there are many online thesaurus’ (best is thesaurus.com) and there is also one is microsoft word and i think open office word as well. just be sure that you are using a synonym for the correct context of the word.

ex: if you wanted a synonym for cleave (means both put together and pull apart), and you wanted a synonym for the “put together” context, you don’t want to accidentally use disentangle.


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Nathan J
An easier way than an online thesaurus is if you use Microsoft word, highlight a word and left click. Click on thesaurus.

So much quicker


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use a thesaurus! :o)

randomly pick words in your essay, type in the word on http://thesaurus.reference.com/ and pick a better word from the list, and REPLACE the word<3