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Rice or Vanderbilt?

It seems like I am stuck between choosing two really good schools. This time its for MBA. Both are expensive but if I am going to shell out some big bucks for either degree I would like to know how each fare in:

1.) Academic Reputation

2.) International Recognition

3.) Solid Alumni Network

Based on these three things, which is the school for me?

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Hmm, tough choice. They’re fairly close in rep.

I’m going to have to go with Rice. Even tho it has a slightly lower rep, it’s from a bigger state and for some reason, the school is slightly more well known internationally from what I hear. Prolly just due to the fact that Tennessee schools aren’t that famous outside of that area, even as good a school as Vandy.


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I’m a Vandy undergrad alum, and biased towards alma mater. That said, Vandy’s business-school alumni base is slowly moving outside the South, as shown by this list of 2007 placements —

40% South

27% West/Southwest

13% Midwest

13% International

7% Northeast/Mid-Atlantic

— and Owen’s ranked # 34 in the most recent U.S. News list. Rice is still seen by some as a Texas school, and if you have any plans to maybe settle there, I would not disregard that. But in New York and Chicago, I would think Owen would open more doors than Jones. On the other hand, probably neither would do much more for you in Tokyo or Berlin than the other.

Also, wouldn’t you rather go to school where it’s not as hot and is not as flat? ^_-


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Simga Gentlman
Vanderbilt, If you want to have a life and a great network bridge.