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Please math masters I need your help!?

ok, my dumb math teacher gave us 90 questions to do (it is to get us ready for the finals) and I am stuck on 9. PLease don’t say do your own homework because I really tried. I don’t want just the answer, please show me how you got your answer.

Thank you!

1) Solve for y : 5x + 3y =15

2) Find the value of / x+15/ (Those are bars.) if x= -62 is it -57?

3) if the domain the x or y and is the range the x or y in a table?

4) Give the dimensions of the matrix





(They have the bars)

5) Solve for : 8x-2>2x+10

6) 4x over 3 + 20 over 2

7) Simplify: 11xy+4-5xy is it 6xy+4

8) simplify: 6x+5(x to the second power +x)

9) Simplify :35y-7 over 7

thanks again you are the best!

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number 9? are you for real?

35x-7 over 7 is the same as 35x over 7 – 7 over 7

simply that, than well have

35x/7= 5x -7/7= -1

so the answer is 5x-1

by the way, don’t call your teacher dumb.

Good luck on your final !!!!!!