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Physical Science- What type of relationship is there between the specific heat of a metal and its atomic mass?

I know that the specific heat of a metal can be used to estimate its atomic mass. I just don’t know how they’re related or what they have in common. Please help. It’s for a lab report and thats like the last thing I have to do.

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the particular warmth of a substance is to boost the temperature of that substance via the given temperature periods. some ingredients have the valuables of liberating or emitting a proton, a neutron or maybe an electron, case in point once you warmth the sugar, this is going to become a black substance via emitting an electron. This reduces the mass of the substance on the great or that of the atom interior the only case. the particular warmth potential of a textile is, Cp = (C/M)p which interior the absence of area transitions is akin to, C/M the place, C is the warmth potential of a physique made up of the fabric in question, m is the mass of the physique, V is the quantity of the physique, and is the density of the fabric. For gases, and additionally for different factors under severe pressures, there is could desire to tell apart between diverse boundary situations for the approaches into attention (through fact values selection heavily between diverse situations). universal approaches for which a warmth potential could be defined contain isobaric (consistent tension, dp = 0) or isochoric (consistent quantity, dV = 0) approaches.

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well i don’t know how to calculate it but there should be a definite relationship between the metals specific heat and it’s atomic mass. Like, the higher the specific heat the higher the atomic mass. It takes more energy to heat more matter right?

It does. you already know the answer just look for that kind of relationship.