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qualities of a Professional Teacher?

skills and competencies of a professional teacher

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Proffesional Teacher should be strict, helpful but also funny, skilled, and most of all respectable. Try it u will get respect.

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I’m a teacher now, and have been for 25 years, both college and high school, so I’ll tell you several versions of the answer.

The TRUE story: (the way it should be)

patient, firm, humorous, lively, fair, gives lots of feedback, deals with problems quickly, very literate,

can be tough without venom and fury, stays in touch with parents, answers student questions, explains well, relates material to students’ lives, and walks around the room to keep up student participation, not just lecture and or sit behind desk.

The OFFICIAL opinion: (the way it is)

brownnoses the principal, just goes along with all the whims of the district, doesn’t question or show intelligent options,

never late to school, willing to spend own money for books and supplies, willing to stay after school and work overtime without pay, handle mountains of required test data, strict control of class; also perform the duties of security guard, school nurse, and janitor; be diligent at doing all the unnecessary but required paperwork, and the biggy

(that I just can’t understand) is that excellent English is NOT necessary.

Most importantly, the ability to just play their game and use their lingo and all their cute little acronyms.


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Ah, mr pink–the truth hurts, does it not? :)) Dealing with dysfunctional people, in a dysfunctional culture, does have its drawbacks. I taught at a private school–somewhat better, but hardly paradise–same narcissists, different building.

The “good” teacher will do his best for his students re explaining the materials while being calm and somewhat whimsical. S/he will “come from the heart” rather than the ego; yet maintaing decorum and his/her own good state of health–martyrdom is not necessarily a virtue. Equally, all students will be treated with the utmost respecttand compassion, as good sense allows :))


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i don’t know what state you are in, but in CA, there are standards for teachers…check out the link below: