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japanese love confession question?

I’ve had this explained to me before, but i dont get ti o_o. im veryyy sloow and i haaaaaate myself for it xD.

Okay so in CCS

(pardon if i spell this wrong ^^;)

syaoran’s confession goes somthing likeeee…

well i cant spell the words, but ill spell what it sounds like.

“or-ay. or-ay-wah…or-ay-wah.. oh-my-wah-ski-dah.”

thats what it sounds like.

so i dont get it,

did he say like,

did he say love,

please explain in simple terms as I am slow ^^;

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He is saying:

I do not know the whole sentence you are saying, but from what you have typed:

“Ore, Ore wa.. Ore wa. omae* wa suki desu” or “nan da”.

*(finally found the word on the net. lol. forgot that word.)

“Ore, Ore wa” meaning he is stuttering “I”.

omae means ‘you’.

Which leads to:

“I, I– I .. I love you” or “I, I, — I have fallen in love with you”.

“suki” may mean like or love, depending on the person speaking and/or who he is speaking to because this may be used in talking to parents, relatives, and such but ‘daisuki’ is more commonly used for that.. In this case, Syaoran may have meant like or love, but in all, the sentence will mean the same.


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It would be “Ore… Ore wa… Ore wa… Omae wa suki da” which means “I… I… I… love you!”

Ore = I

Omae = you

Suki = like for most things but in this it is closer to the meaning of “love”. Japanese take love more seriously than we do and say words such as “suki” (like) and daisuki (really like) rather than “ai shiteiru” (love).


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