A few days ago
teena michal

is this easy ?

is the subject (IR) international relations is easy and interesting

can any body help me in learning this subject?

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A few days ago

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Honey, if anyone knew the answer to that one, there would never have been any wars or conflicts. International relations is not easy, but could be interesting. If you want to learn this subject, I would suggest that you take a class in current events and other related subjects. It is far too complex for anyone on here to help you learn it. I’m older than dirt, and I have never known a time in my entire life when there was ever any peaceful international relations. As long as there are people in the world, there will never be any peace among them.

A few days ago
i think it’s very interesting, you should take it

it has to do with foreign affairs and stuff and you learn a lot about why we have bad relations with some countries

there’s more to it but if you like politics interested in foreign affairs you should take it

i don’t know if its easy but i think its interesting