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Is anyone good at modern world history ??? help please?

so i have this big project which is a time line of these 20 events which i don’t know much about i have a text book from class but it dosent really help me much the internet is sometimes full of BS that doesent help but i just wanted to ask anyone who knows anything bout these topics including there dates please help me out it will be so much help thanx if any one also knows great websites for research let me know

1.Greek ideas

2.Roman ideas

3.Judeo Christian tradition


6.Glorious Revolution

7.John Locke

8.Charles-louis Monteaquieu

9.Jean Jacques Rousseau


11.American declaration of independence

12.US bill of rights

13.English Bill of rights

14.Us constitution

15.French declaration of the rights of man

16.English Civil War

17.Pre Revolution France

18.Tennis Court Oath

19Storming the Bastille

20.napoleon Crowning himself Emperor

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William R

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If you fear internet BS, this is not the place to seek help.

These should not be difficult to date. Try wikipedia


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I’m doing Modern World History Paper two, however with AQA. And have been doing Germany and Russia. On the German paper there may be Weimar Republic – How a long way do the early disorders advocate it was once doomed from the begin? How a long way did Stresemann support get better Weimar Republics?, The different subjects are: How did the Nazi celebration expand its recommendations and organistation as much as 1939? How was once Hitler equipped to grow to be Chanceller in 1933? How did Hitler difference Germany from a democracy to a Nazi dictatorship? What have been the important elements of the totalitarion dictatorship in Nazi Germany? To what quantity did the German men and women advantage from Nazi rule within the 1930’s? And for America i do not know. Good success with yours however i am certain you can do best X