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Is a career in teaching enjoyable?

My mother has had a home daycare for most of my life and I spent so much time around it when I was younger that I thought I didn’t want to be involved in a career that required spending most of your time around kids.

Recently, though, after stepping away from that field for a while, I’ve realized how much I love being around kids. It just feels….natural for me to spend time with kids. When I visit my mother I love spending time with the kids in her daycare.

Now I’m starting to think that I would enjoy being a teacher. The problem is that I’ve been in school for the past 3 years for fashion design and merchandising. I’m about to start my senior year. Lately I keep thinking about a career in teaching, like as an elementary school teacher. Right now I’m working in retail part time and I feel like it’s not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. What should I do?

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I would say like you did earlier in your life if you are undecided on your life track for work, step back and evaluate your choices, and options.

Teaching is an enjoyable and very fufilling career, and is sometimes a chore, especially when something does not go right, or you can not solve a families/childs problem with a successful resolution….but I can not wait to go back to it myself…I have spent the last almost eight years doing other things and I dream about teaching again…I will be restarting college soon and hope to be teaching within 2 years….

good luck to you


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Why don’t you volunteer in a local school district for a year, while finishing up your fashion degree. Most schools love to have volunteers — helping out in the library, reading to kids, tutoring, etc. That would get you into a school and get you experience, without you giving up what you’re working on now. Finish up your fashion degree, and if you have done the volunteering and still want to teach, then pursue it. I love my teaching job, and there’s no other job I’d rather have. But I’ve worked with teachers who do not want to be there, and they are miserable and their students suffer for it. My advice: get some experience, then make your decision. Good luck!

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if you really want to go for a teaching career, then you should.. but if you’re worried about wasting the past 3 years you’ve spent in studying fashion design.. uhm.. why don’t you continue with it and then you can go for a career in teaching fashion first.. i mean, you did take fashion so must like it.. and you like to teach as well, so why not do them together.. then when you still feel that you’re not satisfied,that’s when you should take up something so you could teach kids.. like you at least wouldn’t be wasting all your efforts for studying fashion..

i know what i said sounds so innocent and stupid… but the thing is, if you really really want to teach.. it’s not a matter of what other people think,it’s more of doing what you really want with much conviction and passion.. cause if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing even if you do it with more conviction than you ever did anything in your life, your conscience is never gonna let you rest and you’ll just think you’re never doing your best even if you really are…

in short.. do what you really want, follow your instincts.. most of the time it does the best for us…


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