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In MLA format, if you’re citing a souce inside an elipse, does the (source page#) go before or after the …

So which of the following is correct:

“…This is an example (Name #)…” or “…This is an example…(Name #)”

And please refer me to a credible website that backs up your answer, thanks!

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Goes at the end of the sentence, or section dealing with the information involved in the source.

After Cleisthenes established the Athenian democracy, and ostracism was added years later, the Athenians had their preferred form of government (Hooker).

That is for a web page. If you want a citation generator, try Son of a Citation Machine. You just input information, style, and it creates a citation and in-text citation for you.


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It depends on your teacher and your own personal preference. Usually if you give credit to the people you are citing (within the paper) then it is ok to include the citation at the end of the paper (but not always). ex. According to NBC News the dow jones is steadily declining. (here the source and information is placed together so placing the citation at the end would be ok…just a simple example). The option of placing the source within the paper is usually reserved for papers that use bit and snippets of information, but doesn’t necessarily flat out tell the reader who is responsible for the information being provided (but this is not always the case). In-text citations are usually easier to read and understand because the citation is at the end of each paragraph. I would suggest asking the teacher what he or she prefers.

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go to yahoo and type ezbib