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Important Essay!!?

I have no ideas how to write this essay. Can anyone Help me? Thank you to anyone who helped me!! A greatness of thank !!

Analyze how theme is developed in the play ” DEATH OF A SALESMAN”

Can anyone help me to :

-point out the thesis statement of this essay

– point out the keys words

Again, thank you to anyone’s help!!

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just make sure your thesis is very clear…it needs to tell what each of your body paragraphs will be about.

Theme is a tricky thing to write about–make sure to go deep and think about it. Get to meaning and use quotations throughout for support!!


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First, read the play.

Next, if you still don’t know the answers to the questions you are supposed to answer for your homework, use google or another search engine. There are plenty of sources–at least that way YOU will be doing the work.

Lastly, once you get your information, simply write it as though you were telling something about it.


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Start with an introduction move on to the first body paragraph then the second one then a conclusion.

use thus, ultimately, furthermore and maybe to begin with