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If you were someone who worked in admissions, what would you want to hear on this question?

6. What areas of personal development do you think you need to improve upon?

I don’t really have any strong weak points. Not saying I am perfect but there isn’t really anything I need to work on. It isn’t like I can say, “I need to study more”. They would hate that. i rather put something that they “want” to hear since I feel they will only respond to that.

Any help?

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Well, like the previous poster said, be honest. I would try to pick stuff from my list that would not make you put that application in the “No” pile if you were the judge. Don’t ever lie, and don’t leave it blank either.

I usually put that I need to work on being organized. I talk about how I get so busy, and when that happens my desk gets kind of messy.

Maybe you want to spend more time volunteering or giving back.

Or that you get very nervous when talking in front of groups of people.

Just commons stuff that doesn’t make you sound psycho or incompetent at what you’re applying for. 🙂 Good luck!


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Do not put what they want to hear, it will come back to bite you!

If you don’t think you need to study or research anything anymore, then you are admitting to yourself that you do not need strong or weak, that you are fine with so-so. If you want to be more than so-so, then say so. YOU know your areas you want to improve. Start by listing them, no matter how small. Then write it as a complete thought, a sentence, with subject and verb. Paint a picture with words. Be honest. Good luck.