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I want to teach English overseas, but I don’t know what I need to become certified. Also…?

I have an honor’s bachelor degree in athropology with a minor in linugistics, and I am now looking to be certified to teach English overseas.

What certification do I need to do this?

ALSO, when I return, will I be qualified to be an ESL teacher in a highschool setting, even though I don’t have a degree in Education?

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I can recommend the CELTA course offered by many language schools all over the world.

Its certified by the Cambridge University and is costly but is worth every cent!! It is offered online as well but it does not hold as much weight as doing it in a class setting.

This course is recognised in every country and is 1 month long. It is very very intensive and is everyday from morning till late afternoon for a month!! So you need to give your full attention to it.

I recently completed my CELTA and it was very intense but the best thing ive ever done!! My tutor for this course had done the same degree as you as well as the CELTA and she has travelled as well because of the CELTA.

Go to google and type in TEFL or CELTA and the info will pop up from everywhere!!

If you need anymore info email me on : [email protected]


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No, is the realistic reply. Most jobs educating require at least a measure after which a TEFL Certificate. A US certifcation is alternatively exotic to such a lot institution homeowners external the US. If you might have bigger qualifcations then they are an advantage however definitely now not fundamental to uncover paintings. If you’re considering educating in Europe, do not forget that you’ll be able to want an EU passport to be equipped to stick there.

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Well if you want to teach in México you don’t need a certification your minor in linguistics can help. What you need is a job offer so you can get your visa (it’s a lenghty process so be patient) you can apply when you are here. To the other part I don’t think you’ll be certified but you’ll be qualified.

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They have exchange programs. Maybe that might be easier.