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I want to be a teacher’s pet. I know all the basics. I want to know more?

I know what will happen but I really want to please my teacher. She teaches history.

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Be the best student and bring her a grapple (apple soaked in grape juice).

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Speaking as a teacher, if you REALLY want to please your teacher, here are some tips:

1) Show up. All the time. On time.

2) Turn in class assignments. All of them. On time.

3) Do the reading, and talk during class discussion.

4) Pay attention in class.


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Mz. Massachusetts
The following is all you need:

1. Do all your work!

2. Be respectful!


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Read history books for fun and discuss them with her.

Stay after school and or class to help her out.

Ask questions.

Always do your homework, no exceptions.

Give her gifts that she will appreciate.

Remeber her birthday.

Ask her about her hobbies and talk to her about them.


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follow tecualajuggernauts’ suggestions. and i hope you don’t overdo yourself. you can still get high grades and be a topnotcher without having to be a teacher’s pet.

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Try to be the best student you can be and do all the stuff you can for her.