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i need ur advise pl.?

being a class maam i’m worried about performance score of my students.i’m thinking a lot how to improve their performance. recently i start asking question which i taught yesterday.i cant tolerate the girls r coming without preparing the lesson if they failed to answer . i don’t allow them sitting till end of the period . i anticipate some gals r became angy over me. am i doing wrong? can i use same technique for higher cl gals also?

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A few days ago

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From what I understand, you’re not allowing your female students to sit until the end of the period because you’re angry with them for not answering your questions????

This is a gross abuse of authority and you’re lucky you haven’t been reported. They are not answering your questions because the material was poorly taught. And not allowing them to sit is inexcusable. This is hardly a “teaching technique” – it is a form of abuse and would not be considered acceptable practice anywhere in the U.S.