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I need help on getting examples of words for reomeo and juliet?

OK I need to find examples in the play of reomeo and juliet by william shakespeare for these words: aside, alliteration, antagonist, cantastrophe, climax, conflict, dramtic monolgre, falling actions, foreshadowing, hyperbole, irony, metaphor, protagonist, rising action, setting, soliloquy, sonnet, tragic flaw. i need examples of how the charteres used these words and stuff.

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Have you tried finding a text copy of it online and then going to ‘Edit -> Find on this Page’ and searching for those words.

However, for the most part the characters would not use those words in their speech. Rather, those words are a part of writing a story and ways the author can write it (or things they might include in it).

So, the best way would to look up the definitions of each (preferably with examples you can go off of) after reading Romeo & Juliet and going from there. If you have questions on any of those particular terms (for example after looking it up, you still cant figure out what foreshadowing is or how it was used) feel free to ask!