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I’m teaching a new Kids Under 6 class tomorrow in China. Looking for ideas!?

There will be approximately 10 students and a Chinese/English speaking assistant. I want to teach the kids their English names and perhaps the colours/animals flashcards. The class is one hour long (two 30 minute intervals separated by a ten minute break). Please give me some suggestions for making it fast paced and some suggestions for games appropriate for age and level. Thanks!

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Well, the kids will be really curious with you because of you being a foreigner with different-looking skin, hair and eyes. You can probably use this to your advantage to make sure that they pay attention to you.

Bring some treats to give out as prizes for mini-games that you can make up during your class.

Good luck!


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I know you want it to be fast-paced, but with only an hour separated by a break, you may not be able to do all that you want. I agree that you should spend the first half of class doing a get-to-know you exercise. Perhaps you could have some art supplies, something as simple as card stock and crayons or markers, then they could make a name tent. Or have them stand in a circle, and have a small ball. You will toss the ball among the circle, and the person who catches must say their name, or the name of the person who threw it to them and their name, or the name of the person who threw it to them and their name and the name of the person they are throwing it to.

Colors is also good, but maybe combine it with shapes instead of animals. You could do some sort of activity about flags – has both colors and shapes. I actually suggest starting with calendar-type of things – teach them months and days. You can even find some cool songs. I wish I could sing the ones I know for you via the internet, but alas, I cannot.

Here’s one that is to The Addams Family theme song (heard it?)

Days of the week (clap, clap)

Days of the week (clap, clap)

Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday

There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday

There’s Thursday and there’s Friday

And then there’s Saturday


I like the other response about Head and Shoulders song, too. Get the kids up and moving. Body parts is another good topic for this age. You may even want to play Simon Says with them (Simon says – touch your nose, wiggle your fingers, nod your head). That will get them!


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Use Total Physical Response activities. Kids enjoy using language while moving. Also children’s songs like :Head and Shoulders” work well.

Names and colors may be necessary but not exciting.