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Help make my presentation funny and memorable?

This is for english. Im doing a presentation on three words that are most likely to appear on the AP test. I want to make it funny so that people can remember these words.

My three words are:

“epistrophe”-repetition of words or groups of words.

“transitions”-words or phrases that link different ideas.

“clause”-grammatical unit that contains a subject and verb

anything you can think of to make it funny would be really helpful.

Thank you

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First a successful presentation needs a bit of interaction so to keep the audience into it – involve them in thinking, understanding and listening.

e.g. give them an assignment which will self-explain the three words you will be talking about: ask them to say 5 times “epistrophe” or make a sentence with a word repetiting; show a list of clauses & sentences, ask them identity which is clause or not (of course write some witty sentences), whenever you or the audience mention a transitional word or phrase, say aloud ‘transition’. so the people really learn well the meaning of these words

try to use more eye contact, body language, and don’t look at your paper. be natural. if you are doing a powerpoint, don’t write too much, but use more pictures (can put funny pics). people impress better with visualization


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An epistrophe is a catastrophe if the catastrophe is repeated.

A TRAiN may SIT in a statION, but a transition changes its direction.

A clause is a clause when it needs a “because.”

Have fun with AP!


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Sarcasm, and sweetness. especially situations asserting some thing humorous while it pops into your head make human beings chortle. Being relatively random does that too. i’m in simple terms natrally humorous I gues, issues in simple terms pop into my head. interior jokes are exciting too. o_O