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English project?

i need help choosing an author i have to read 2 books that person wrote. and write how that person’s writting impact american history and is still remember today so can you help me please here’s a list he gave us of authors:

Truman Capote

Washington Irving

Mark Tawin

John Dos Passos

Henry James

Frederick Douglass

Pearl Buck

Alice Walker

Anne Taylor

Ernest Hemingway

Toni Morrison

Edgar Allan Poe

Nora Zeal Hurston

John Updike

Ring Larnder

Sherwood Anderson

Jack London

Joyce Carol Oates

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Mark Twain- cuz he just seems to be da famous one on da list.

Ernest Hemingway- I saw a movie about him in my English class…it was kinda interesting.


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What type of things do you like to read?

Poe, Twain and Hemingway would be easy about writing their impact on American history.

Joyce Carol Oates is an interesting author, her books are very descriptive and engaging. She has a fictional account of Marilyn Monroe’s called “Blonde” that’s pretty good, but it is a long read. And it might be a but harder to argue her impact on American histoy.

Nora Zeal Hurston was kind of like the outcast of the Harlem Renaissance and also a very good female writer. I’d suggest “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

You have some very great writers to chose from there! Honestly whoever you choose you can’t go wrong with.


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I recommend Edgar Allen Poe, Projects are difficult enough without being bored, He is a great writer and his work first was able to hold my attention when I was only 11. Look up a famous writing of his “The Raven”

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Well, I can help you with one. I feel in love with Truman Capote’s writing in journalism class. “In Cold Blood” is a good read and is the first of its kind. It started a whole new genre of writing called creative nonfiction. The second one by him is up to you.

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jack london…i part of a book that he wrote in school and it was really good with the american history stuff

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Swaolatul A
henry james

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you’re the pot calling the kettle black, dudugirl