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Eassay on censorship in film/tv?


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Leah M

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do really expect someone to write your essay for you?

Is that how you expect to get through all your classes? Believe me, if you spent less time on Yahoo Answers and more time using the Internet wisely you could be half done your paper right now.

I’m not even suggesting a library. Just go onto Google and search “censorship.” Better yet “the arguments for and against censorship”, “the pros and cons of censorship.”

Or if you don’t need sources, use the Stone Age method of developing your own opinion about a topic and not mimic what someone feeds to you.

Add in the First Amendment if you’re really in a bind…


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Don’t let anyone else write your essay! You’ll be annoyed by the final result. Just write something simple about how censorship is necessary to avoid corrupting society but at the same time, it is limiting the perspective of those who are viewing the censored material.