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does anyone know the tuition of penn state university?

for out of state. and texas in-state?

does penn st. have a journalsim degree?

i want to go to a D1 school that offers a major in journalism. and ideas?

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Penn State does have a journalism degree at the University Park Campus.

The tuition for that college is for an instate ranges from $12,000 to $16,000. It is program specific. The out of state tuition is $23,000 to $27,000. This is for undergraduate studies.


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i might think of because of the fact the call is Penn State college that there is a a hundred% hazard that it particularly is a STATE college. the training for “in-state” ability that it particularly is extra inexpensive for college young ones from PA. it particularly is using the fact the school is supported by ability of taxes from the state and for this reason can provide extra inexpensive training fees. in case you prefer to attend this college and you at the instant are not from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you pays plenty extra funds. See what the standards are for installation in-state status.

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Dude, go to their website duh