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Does anybody know their Geometry?

How do you find the midpoint of a line segment given the two endpoints?

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Basically, the midpoint is halfway between the two endpoints. Define the endpoints then bisect the segment. For example, the radius of a circle is half of the diameter.

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Find the average of the two starting coordinates, and the average of the two ending coordinates.

For instance, if the two points are 2,6 and 4,10, you’d find the average of 2 and 4 (3) and the average of 6 and 10 (8)… so the midpoint would be 3,8.


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lets suppose that the two endpoints are A(1,2) and B(3,4)

then,the midpoint of that line,would be:



so the midpoint(lets call it C )is:



generally,if the two endpoints are A(x,y) and B(z,w),the midpoint will be C(a,b)

where a=(x+z)/2

and b=(y+w)/2