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Definition Paragraph?


Disciple is a system of rules of conduct. It’s somewhat like a program in your brain that enables you to control yourself. For example, you want to go on a diet but you couldn’t resist the mocha flavored frappuccino. Discipline can also be defined as detention in high school, which is like a reprimand and a lecture.

Do you think the essay has good points so far?

Can it be more interesting?

Are there any major grammar error?

P.S. My teacher is a real grammar head =/

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Good points

could be more interesting

Grammar error is – Desciple is a verb( A person) But was used wrongly as a noun. Also, You want to go on a diet but you can’t resist not couldn’t resist.


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I can’t find any problems with the grammer. I personally would change the last part: “… be defined as punishment such as detention in …

Good luck.