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Becoming a teacher in Georgia with a BA…?

Hi, I am considering changing careers to teach kidlets in a public school. I have a BA. I know Teach Georgia has a program that lets 4 yr degree holders become teachers.

Has anyone ever done this?


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Here is the info page. good luck!



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Steven S
You need to check their certification standards.

Call the department of education or the human resources of any individual county’s school board.

First, you have to get a Statement of Eligibility which is essentially temporary certification. Which states in some area that you are eligible for certification. You have to have that usually to get serious consideration.

Say you have a degree in English, you could be certified to teach english. Once you get a job, you will have a certain time period to do certain things to be fully certified. Each State is diferent. The Georgia board of education should have more information on the subject.

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