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admission essays?

what are some HIGH SCHOOL admissions essay sites that have some sample essays?

im having a hard time starting mine..sort of having writer’s block. i already made my ending. can u tell me how u like it? if there’s something wrong with it..suggestions are welcome!

As a result of my efforts I have been able to experience the joy of breaking through the tape of a finish line, excelling in math and science, being part of copious music events, and seeing the smiles of my parents and teachers cheering me on. I am positive that [xxx my desired high school] can push my limits farther, bring out the best I can be, and most of all – prepare me for the real world. I know that by consistently working towards my goals – however difficult they may seem – I can accomplish what I set for myself, both in and beyond high school.

i spent a little while on this. i hope its good.

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I am un aware of an admissions essay site for you. As far as the ending you really need to do some editing work. Is that your final draft? You should try to look over proper punctuation and grammer. I do however, think you are headed in the right direction.

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