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Ronaldi G

Where is the best place in China to study Mandarin?

for children

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Taiwan use old Chinese Mandarin according to mainland Chinese.

Shanghai would be the better bet, or the outskirts/surrounding area for better value for money.


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depends how long you can send the children and how old the children are.

if they are teenagers, the best is you can find some summer camps / volunteering activity like in Shanghai they have Roots & Shoots (environmental project), or join AFS exchange programme for 1-6 months; when they get to attend a local school. If under 10, better don’t send them alone to China and if an adult go with her/him, then the kid is likely sticking with that adult and not practising much.

As to location, it doesn’t matter that much (the activity is more important in my opinion). Try to avoid big cities where there are many foreigners, try to avoid cities where they speak a regional dialect like Shanghai, Taiwan, Macau. if the place is more rural, the better, as most people only speak mandarin then.

ps. also search for host family in china!


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I think Taiwan is the best place to study Mandarin. Their ascents are well-known PERFECT!! Sounds so beautiful and easy to learn as compared to the ascents from China people. Or if you persist to stay in China, then I’d suggest you to go to Shanghai and learn your mandarin there.

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