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WHat Should I Major In Psychlogy or Music Or History Or Economics?

I was recently an Economics major, but its too hard the best I can do is pull a C, and it is killing my GPA, I don’t want to be a quitter but at the same time, im tired of passing by the skin of my teeth. I was planning on getting a BA In Econ, then going to a trade music school, and using my Econ degree to eat with…but my original plan is not working….and Its time to change my plan…

History from what i saw was really interesting the down side was I couldn’t figure what kind of job i could get with it… ?

Psychology was really interesting, but I kept pulling a low B, it was cool but everyone is talking about how you must have a masters and im not really trying to go to graduate school, school is cool but not trying to stay that long…

Also my dad left me his paid mortgage house, so I just half to pay like 8,000 a year to keep it up and I can live there, not allot of money, so in enssence i don’t need allot of money..

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Chris J

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When you get a degree, no one knows what your grades are like. The DEGREE is the thing that matters, unless you are trying to get into graduate school, and it sounds like you aren’t trying for that.

When you apply for a job, no one wants your transcript, they only want to know what you have a degree in.

Having any degree is better than none at all, so if you don’t think you can graduate on the path you are on, then it might be a good idea to change.

In my opinion, an economics degree means a lot more to a most potential employers than one in a field like music or history (unless you are a music or history teacher). It means you have skills that are useful in the real world.

I have friends with degrees in crap like psychology and fine arts and they wonder why they have trouble getting a decent job. Those degrees are almost worthless.


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Sounds like you are asking the right questions at the right time. Even though you have a house that’s paid for, you’d do well to consider what you have a passion for. If it’s music – then narrow that down (perform, engineer, write music, etc). I know guys who’ve put their real passion on the side to “make a living” and ended up miserable.

Your challenge is to figure out a way to get a degree that will allow you to combine your interests with something you can earn a decent living doing.

I’d suggest you check out the counseling center at your college. Most of them have special testing that can help you discern your aptitudes and your passion – then they can help you sort out what major to transfer to.

Good luck with this!


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Psychology or History – Music is not good for much besides teaching and economics is boring. You can do lots of things with a psychology degree besides go to grad school and get your LPC.