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What are the origin of these names? (Asian countries)?

Where do these Asian Countries get its names? Can somebody tell me the origin of its names one-by-One?

i would Really appreciate ur answers..

even just the countries u knw..










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The “-s/ztan” is derived from an Indo-Iranian word root meaning “place” (literally “where one stands”), and has grown to mean ‘country of’.

Kazakhstan (Place of the Kazakh). The meaning of the word ‘Kazakh’ is debatable, but a 13th century Turkish dictionary gives it the meaning of “independent” or “free”. It refers to a specific ethnic group of Turkish descent.

Kyrgyztan (Place of the Kyrgyz). Another Turkish ethnic group, the Kyrgyz take their name from an epic poem (where it would mean forty women/tribes) or an adjective meaning ‘undying’.

Tajikstan (Place of the Tajik); Tajik being a synonym for “Persian” in Persian literature.

Azerbaijan is derived from the name of the pre-Islamic Persian governor who ruled over the area (circa Alexander).

Turkmenistan (Place of the Turkmen); The Turkmen ethnic group deriving their name from words meaning either (depending on your source) ‘The Believing Turks’ or ‘The most Turk-like of the Turks’.

The country Georgia takes its name from the Gurgjan people, subtly altered due to exposure to the Christian cult of Saint George which was popular in the region.

The U.S. state Georgia takes its name directly from King George II of England, who granted the charter for the original Province

America is derived from the name of Italian merchant and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci who explored the coast of South America in both 1499 and 1502.

Uzbekistan (Place of the Uzbek). This ones a toughie. The Uzbek tribe were named either after Uzbeg Khan – though the Uzbek were not entirely subject to him; after a word meaning “Independent” or “The Lord Itself”; or after a word meaning “red headgear”.


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After the people living there

Kazakhstan is the land of Kazakhs, Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz, Tajikistan – Tajiks, Turkmenistan – Turkmens, Uzbekistan – Uzbeks.

I’m not sure about Azerbaijan and Georgia (Georgia, the country, was called Georgia long before G Washington).

You got the right answer about America already.


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All the stans were former USSR.

Georgia was named after USA’s first president, George Washington. America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian map maker who decided to write his name on the newly discovered continents.


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Um, I don’t think America is an Asian country is it?

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