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clarissa r

what are good colleges for graphic design?

should i stay at mt. sac they don’t have a program for that

and what should i do?

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Is that Mt. San Antonio College? Are you looking for another community college, a two year school, or a four year college? Do you want a university, or an art school? Do you already have a portfolio that you can use for admissions, or are you without a portfolio?

Because the schools I’d recommend depend on these things. I mean, if you have a portfolio, want an art school or a uni, and don’t mind relocating, the top programs in this field are at:


– Cranbrook

– Yale

– Pratt Institute

– School of Visual Arts

– Virginia Commonwealth

– Carnegie Mellon

– N. Carolina State

– U Illinois Urbana Champaign

– Art Center College of Design

But I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for. You could simply want an associates degree granting school in California that offers graphic design. :shrugs: Mt. SAC does seem to have a decent art program. You can simply do fine art there, and then transfer to a four year school that offers graphic design. That may be a good option for you.