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Studying Abroad?

I’m going to be a junior, and everyone states that in your junior year of high school you should start applying to colleges. I am very interested in studying abroad. I would appreciate any advice and resources to help me research studying abroad, how to apply to foreign colleges, and any other useful information. I am mostly interested in studying in Scotland.

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To clarify, are you interested in doing your entire degree abroad, or are you hoping to spend a year or a semester abroad during a program in the U.S.? In the first case, you might want to think about what you want to study, then go online to get an initial sense of who in Scotland offers that subject matter. Look at accreditations, to make sure the degree is the equivalent of those you would get here. If you are looking at U.S. schools with study abroad programs, there are a lot of options. You can go to a school that has its own study abroad program in Scotland, you can look for one with an exchange program with a Scottish university, or you can participate in a program run by a school other than the one you go to, making sure that your school will accept the credits you get at that program.

I just read that you are looking to go to a university abroad for your entire program. First of all, check out this website, which links you to Scottish universities: http://www.unixl.com/dir/university_and_college/uk/scotland/. Then, the other thing you should know about is that there is now a program within the EU called the Erasmus program, which is for European students to encourage them to spend part of their time studying in another EU country than the one they live in. It means that many schools are becoming very used to dealing with international students and have set up programs to help integrate them into their programs. You might want to check to see if the schools you are looking at are affiliated with the Erasmus program, because my experience in other countries was that these schools did the best job of including international students overall.


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Studying overseas is as a rule the fine factor you might do. Traveling to different nations is exceptional, however you don’t get an absolute suppose of the tradition and society untill you are living there for no less than 1 / 4. You will study such a lot approximately special cultures and methods of lifestyles. It will quite difference your lifestyles. You will see America in a complete new mild. You will quite enjoy an extra nation and immersed in it. You may not be watching at it like a traveler, who sees it as though he used to be on the zoo looking. You might be dwelling it, and studying such a lot.