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People to People ambassador program cost?

I’ve been invited for next year(currently a sophomore), but if its too pricey I might as well go my junior year or senior year.

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If you are interested in a true exchange experience, P2P is not for you. Would you have fun? Sure, don’t deny that. But you would be much better off spending the money on a year exchange. By doing that you would reap the benefits of true culture and language immersion.

Colleges and universities LOVE exchange students and many offer preferred admissions and scholarship money. In addition, the language skills you acquire will greatly benefit you in the workforce, especially if you keep it up in college.

If you are interested in becoming a REAL exchange student, a list of the organizations certified to operate in the U.S. is located at www.csiet.org. Don’t use one not on the list. Also, check with your counselor. An organization is only as good as the local reps.

In addition, check out http://www.exchangestudentworld.com/

That’s a site written for exchange students about exchange students and you can get a good idea of what a true experience is all about.


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Yep, guess what, it’s pricy! I’ve gotten those many times and it usually costs a few thousand dollars to do it because you have to provide accommodations and travel and all that jazz. If it didn’t cost so much, I would have done it several times. I’m very sorry, feels like a rip off, doesn’t it. :/

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People to People IS expensive,in the 1000’s of dollars,my brother got invited but didn’t do it because of the outrageous expense.

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Curious kid

It invited me too, but i quit it because it cost way too much

(like thousands or dollars). It says it is non profit, but i dont really believe it.