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Overwhelmed with homework/projects?

I have to do:

an accounting II worksheet

Build a gingerbread house for my banking class (theme: savings account)

Finish a project for my International Finance class

Do a essay on a art interpretation

Read a book, (roughly 200 pages left)

Do vocabulary words for biology

Do a collage project for biology

i need some encouragement….

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You will need to prioritize these tasks first. Put them in order of importance – how much are they worth in terms of marks, what are the deadlines for each, do you think the teacher would give you an extension if you presented him/her with a list of your projects and asked for his/her suggestions on what to do, etc.

Once you’ve got an order, you need to estimate how long each one will take, and slot them into your day(s). Allow for variety – spend some time on one project, then switch to a quite different one to avoid burnout or boredom.

If you regularly complete your tasks on time, your teachers are more likely to grant you an extension. If you don’t keep up with the work, or if you tend to leave everything to the last minute, they’re less likely to do this.

Can you enlist any help from anyone on any of your projects? If so, you have to fit that into your schedule.

Good luck.