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i want to study something like business ,managemet or finance in u.k(bristol) i have b.s now and …?

i don’t want masters , i only want to study for 5/6 months in some place preferably in a university which after passing this course they give me a certificate or something so that if i wanted to work in my country i’ll be able to have a better job!

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jay K

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I,m from the UK so i think i can help you with this. first of all, this is not not possible because most colleges in the uk only offer 1& 2 year courses, so universities are going to be a lot longer, im applying for uni this year (I’m doing busines) and most of the courses ive seen is for 3 years fultime and 4-6 years partime but you can do a business degree at bristol for 2 years fultime but it cost £6500 if u live overseas(ive researched this for you). if you look at the website below it will tell you the universities that do your chosen course, the cost and the duration and how to apply. gd lk

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