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Joel J

Need help with plant sell project?

I’m doing a project for biology comparing a plant cell to a football team. I could use some help getting started. I need to compare the parts like ribosomes, vacuoles and cytoplasm to parts of a pro football team. I was thinking the nucleus would be like the team owner, and the membrane would be the coach. Can y’all suggest some others?

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Ma An Jou

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the cell wall is like the offensive line because it protects the cell with hits hardy wall. ribosomes are the protein centers, so i see this as being the team mom who cooks up some beefy meals the night before the game. the vacuoles store large amounts of water… can’t think of anything else but WATER BOY! another big part are your chloroplasts. they help the cell absorb sunlight (w/the pigment chlorophyll) and convert it into glucose through the process of photosynthesis. if the chloroplasts were not there, the cell can not make its own food, and the plant dies (or it is not a plant). this one is taking care of some major stuff here… they also give plants their common color GREEN. if the nucleus is the owner or coach, then the chloroplasts is definitely the quarterback. hmm… i have to think about this more. those are a few to start with. good luck.