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Is it okay to home shooling?

i have a 5 years daughter, am home schooling her before the age of 4 actually. i tought i don’t want to send her to the kindergarden but continue with the home schooling program till the time she go to the primary school. Is it okay and what the best way of teaching that will help her to improve fast?

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Yes, it’s ok to homeschool her through whichever grade you want – 1st, 5th, 12th, whatever. Depending on your state laws, you may need to notify the school district or board of education when she reaches school age…you can find the regulations for your state or country at hslda.org.

I wouldn’t worry so much about having her improve fast right now…kids will achieve things as they are developmentally ready. She may learn things quickly, in which case it’s ok to let her go full speed ahead…but don’t push her. At this age, let her determine the speed she’s ready for.

My best advice – read with her (a lot), play with her, go on walks, and just have fun discovering. If she starts asking what sounds letters make, draw them in shaving cream or on the sidewalk with chalk while making the sounds. Let her bake cookies with you and count things as you add them. Let her learn routines and schedules by playing “mommy” to her favorite doll or stuffed animal.

It really is ok to hold off on formal academics till she’s older…if she asks for them earlier than most, it’s fine to give them to her, but don’t feel like you have to rush to help her be an early achiever. Let her learn to have a love for learning, for making discoveries, and for being around people who love her.

You may want to get involved with a homeschool group in your area, as they may have playdates and park days for young children. These are great opportunities for her to have fun with friends, but to not have to be around tons of other kids every day. (I know my son enjoys that aspect of homeschooling – he gets to see his friends, but when he wants to rather than according to the school calendar.)

Hope that helps!


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Depends on where you live if it’s okay or not. If you are in the US, probably, although some places do require certain parental qualifications. Afaik, in Canada, none of the provinces require any qualifications. If you are in another country, it will depend on the regulations there.

The best way to teach is whatever suits her best. Forget about focusing on the “improve fast”. Just help her keep moving along as much as she is capable.


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TX Mom
I hope you’re from a different country, because you cannot teach your daughter to speak English well, because you cannot write it well yourself.

It’s okay in the state of Texas, but every other state in the US has different rules. I would look into the ABEKA curriculum (google). It has more interesting pictures and books and activities.

You don’t really want your daughter to improve fast (I know that sounds stupid) because if you put her into public school at some point, she will be much smarter than her classmates. That means she’ll be bored during her classes, or they’ll move her up to go with older children. The older children may not accept a smaller student as a friend, and the smaller student may be uncomfortable among bigger kids.

TX Mom

P.S. The average homeschooler in TX only studies for 2-3 hours a day. Children in public school waste a lot of time. Homeschoolers get things done quickly.


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Sunny And ’74
So many people are threatened by homeschool, but I am here to tell you that my kids have far MORE socialization opportunities because they DON’T go to school……My kids meet people in Ballet, Tap, Civil Air Patrol, homeschool groups, etc. Anyone who tells you that school is the ONLY place to get quality socialization has obviously seen very little of the world, poor things…….People really are ignorant enough to think that ONLY publicly educated people have friends, go to parties, have life experience. I’d pit my homeschool kid against ANY publicly educated kid in the areas of intelligence, character, manners, willingness to learn, self esteem, etc… It’s sad. HOWEVER, it is just further proof that public education is MADE to teach people to think in a box

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lellypopppsss 🙂
nah, because u cant replace the only fun of school. Which is friends and unexpected adventures. its your choise tho. But, start her with homeschooling if u want, but when she gets older send her to public school, because im telling you, shes goanna have a hard time when she has to go to college or high school or middle school. I’d tell u, its gonna be alot or pressure for her.

if u home school her, she woudnt have the adventures of childhood and parties when she grows up. And she deserves to have normal life, cuz dats when she evolves and grows up, by learning from other kids.

if u want to home school her for a bit, do so, but not for too long

U could work on ur english too ur self, ur kid might have problems.



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why do i have so many thumbs down?!?!

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Kimberly V
You cannot replace the social aspect of school. If you have to ask about teaching her, then maybe you should leave it up to teachers