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Is Intensa Spanish language schools the best place in Costa Rica to study Spanish?

I am planning a sort of study vacation to Costa Rica. I have heard wonderful things about the country. I am wondering if anyone has been there and whether they have heard of Intensa Spanish language schools? It has been recommended to me very highly, but I would rather hear from someone who has already been there. Thanks.

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Hero Boy

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Hi, how are you… i hope you are Ok.

I´m a mexican guy and I don´t know about Costa Rica but i can help you to improve your spanish level. In fact, i also wanto to improve my english.

So, what do you think?


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Unless you are planning on doing trade in Mexico or with Mexican corporations, I’d recommend Costa Rica. one million. Costa Rica does not have the drug/kidnapping issues Mexico has. two. Mexicans talk with a Mexican accessory, a lot distinct than such a lot of Latin America. Costa Ricans generallly talk with much less of an ‘accessory.’ three. You’ll be nearly Panama and will talk over with Panama City or different locations and notice why such a lot of persons from North America and Europe are retiring to Central America.