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i will study in Ukraine in Lugansk , are there families reciept the forigien students there and where ?

i know that many families apply the forigner students but are there families in Ukraine reciept these student ,, i want to know because i will start my study there ,,and if there a websites for rent a small flats not expensive please tell me

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Since Ukrainians are typically poor, and their own children live at home while they study in university, it is very uncommon for people to “register for foriegn students” to live with them.

As to renting a cheap flat – you should find someone you trust locally in Lugansk, and have them help you find a place when you are there. The best deals are ones where you go look, and if you like it, you pay for it and get the key.

Anything you find on a given day, on the internet, will either be gone before you get to Ukraine, or will be very overpriced.