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Can anyone who has been to San Pedro College Davao help me out with somethings?

Ok so I would like to know if college credit I earned here in America are transferable to there. Would AP exam scores be able to test me out of some classes? What about the entrance exams? What are they all about? What’s in the entrance exams? Are you allowed to do summer schooling there to get ahead? I’m still in high school but I’ve already accumulated college credit by AP scores and community college courses. Plus I’m going to graduate early to get more ahead. Since communication between San Pedro College and here in the states is hard, I have to rely on others.

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My cousin went to San Pedro College for her BS in Pharmacy.

I’m sure some or more of your college credit here in the US will be accepted there. But you still have to take the entrance exam.

San Pedro College’s entrance exam is just like ACT here in the US.


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San Pedro College

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