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I am currently a Law student in Ireland. Is it possible 2 gain a soccer scholarship 2 do a masters in america?

What kind of colleges offer them if they do. Im looking to possibly get into one of the bigger colleges but the fees are putting me off. I play soccer very competitively here in ireland and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this?

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How old are you? Only players age 18-24 are allowed to play in the US university leagues. Thus, even if you’re in this age group, it pays to be on the younger side, so a coach can get the most years out of you. And every year you’ve played on a club team is taken off your years of eligibility, so… This might not work.

And anyway, to my knowledge, all soccer scholarships in the US are for undergraduate players.

You can, of course, speak with the coach of the soccer team at one of the universities that appeal to you. In the US, the only schools that offer soccer scholarships are NCAA Division I and Division II, and NAIA schools. I’ll link to a page, below, that on the right side provides links to complete lists of these schools.