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How to solve this math problem?

Assume that the number of defective basketballs produced is related by a linear equation to the total number produced. Suppose that 15 defective balls are produced in a lot of 200, and 24 defective balls are produced in a lot of 375.

Find the number of defective balls produced in a lot of 625 balls.

Best answer to the first person who can show me the answer with work.

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I calculated it based on the lessening error rate as the amount of balls produced increased. I divided 15 into 200, got 7.5 percent error rate, then divided 24 into 375, got 6.8 percent error rate, noted the increase in amount of balls produced, and saw that 625 would carry the same trend of decrease .07 percent (x 2), and so used 5.4 percent as the amount of defective balls that would be in that batch.

I have no idea how to show you the work – I’m in Intermediate Alg and haven’t had these yet. What class is this?


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You do a proportion so:

15 = x

200 625

then it is x multiplied by 200 and 625 multiplied by 15. the answer is: 47 balls