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How do you make school more fun and not as tiring?

I do like school, but when I get home I’m all exhausted. I don’t know why. I get enough sleep.


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Dogna M

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Hi, dont worry everyone faces the same problem when they get older. I love school so much and I always get exhausted after ward. You have to remember you worked for 6-7 hours with very little breaks in between. You ran across the school to get to your classes, you ran up stairs and you did mind bogiling work. My advice is to eat a snack as soon as you get home. Carbs give you energy. Also try to eat a well balanced breakfast, and lunch. Alot of kids just eat chips and soda. You should eat food that is satisfying to your hunger.

When you get home its not a bad idea to take a quick little break. About 30mins. Good luck!


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Well… Even though I am only in 6th grade. I don’t get tired at all though! I get really excited everytime I go to school, and for some reason it’s like the more I get excited the better I dont get tired… So try to think of axciting stuff about everything that IS exciting…

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Find something that you enjoy. Like if you like art, take art classes or go to an art class after school. Looking forward to something that you like keeps you motivated and energized. Also, if that doesn’t help, try exercising. It has been proving that daily exercise not only gives you energy, but also makes you happier. If all that doesn’t help, make sure you are eating the right foods and aren’t dehydrated.

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If your grades are really good then you may just be bored. Start asking questions that you think the teachers can’t answer, that’s always funny.