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can i go from a rn to an anesthesiologist if not what can i go from to an anesthesiologist

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the up front simple answer is Yes.

But at what price, and how long will it take….wow…could be an expensive way to go and a long row to hoe.

check out this comment at http://www.asahq.org/career/nursing.htm

A middle ground position might be Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)


The site of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

may be a good source of info for you to explore the options


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Best wishes in your job change quest.


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You’ll have to go through medical school, just like any other medical specialty. An anesthesiologist is an MD. There’s no route other than medical school.

Nursing and practicing medicine (being a doctor) aren’t interrelated pathways. A doctor isn’t a senior nurse, and a nurse isn’t a junior doctor. Different schools, different degrees, different responsibilities.

If you have a Bachelor’s in Nursing, you can attend grad school and get a Master’s. It usually takes around 3 years for a BSN to become a nurse anesthestist.

If you have an Associate’s in Nursing, you’ll need to get your Bachelor’s first (depending on the school and your degree, 1-3 years).


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Monkey Mom
An anesthesiologist is a doctor so you have to go through medical school. However, you can become a nurse anesthetist with a Masters from an RN.

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The other two answers are correct. However your question is not. Read it again. I cannot follow from to and from a m. Sorry but you are going to learn to write better, just to get into college.