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Geography Bee????

Hello, i am trying to practice for the Geography Bee, (Im in 7th Grade, by the way) How can I study for it, like ive only found sites with statistics and facts. They don’t mention like the stuff thats asked in the real questions!!!! PLEASE I REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT!!!!!

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If they don’t want facts, what kind of geography bee is it?Maybe they want you to know things like capitals, locations, stuff like that. I know if I were going to be in a geography bee, that’s the kind of stuff I’d study. Also countries, states,cities, mtn.ranges, rivers & other bodies of water. How about locations of monuments of any kind, ie: Space needle(Seattle), Temples at Bangor Wat(Thailand) etc.

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nicely, i don’t probable comprehend of any web content, yet try employing flashcards. Have a chum study with you and save score what number you get precise in 60 seconds or something like that. Make it complicated. while you’re making the enjoying cards and use them in many situations used for the subsequent 2 weeks, I promise you will do great! i for my section desire this enables you, and solid luck! -Mairose.